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All British Day

These are some photos of our members and their cars at the All British Day 2002, held on 29th September in Brisbane, Queensland.

There are some other shots of very desirable cars of various manufacturers.


John Harrison Series 1 with new soft top.           Harrison, Cummins, Voltz Alpines.


Ron Duffield and Michael Wolf Alpines.           Michael Wolf & Steve Graham behindBob Ottos Alpine.



       Michael Wolf Series 1 Alpine                         Ray Abernathy Series 3 Alpine.


Ron & Denise enjoying lunch.   Ian,Lyle,Kevin,Ernie & Ros.



Ernie, Bruce & Con swapping ideas.                  Bruce – is this a Clandestine affair with another?



     1924 Sunbeam 20/60 Sports.                              1924 Sunbeam Interior.


Sunbeam badge and temperature gauge.                   Alpine interior and drivers view.

Other interesting makes on show.


Two lovely ‘D’ Type Jaguars.



Daimler Drophead.



A couple of interesting displays. Sign says-Beware Material Heaps on Roadside.



Ausca MG.                                                             Wolsley Sports.



Two nice little Singers.


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