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Sunbeams Pre 1935/Rootes era

These are a few photos of early Sunbeams in Australia I received recently and thought could make an interesting section in our website. I will add more if anyone wishes to send them to me.

Rated as a 12/16, four cylinder, side valve of 3Ltr. Capacity it has a five main bearing crankshaft with full pressure oil lubrication and water pump for engine cooling.






Fuel is delivered through the Claudel & Hobson updraught carby via the water heated inlet manifold and pressurized by an airpump on the dash for priming and the camshaft driven piston pump for pressurizing the petrol tank at 1.5 psi. Ignition supplied by Bosch dual Magneto with Battery for easy starts, switch over to Magneto when running. Manual advance on steering column.



The drivers’ attention to the road and driving was not very often distracted by the instrumentation on the panel in front of him. This was all he had to worry about. The foot brake operated expanding drums on the rear wheels and the hand brake by a drum on the tailshaft.






The Owner cast the “ Rabbit “ Mascot from brass himself, because he liked it.

Tyres are 820 x 120 Beaded Edge, pneumatic.

Transmission is 4 speed and reverse with leather faced Cone clutch.


This little badge was made by the owner and fitted to the rear of the car because he was sick of being run off the road by other people trying to have a look and work out what the car is.





This is a 1922 24/60 Light Sports Tourer, presently under restoration in Brisbane and should be on the road sometime during 2003.


1924 Sunbeam 20/60 Short chassis Sport Six cylinder OHV, 3.2 litres. Has magneto ignition and 4 wheel brakes. The body is a copy of one custom built for a London Sunbeam Dealer on a 1924 model. The 20/60 was the top of the Sunbeam range for 1924 – 1926, and for its time had exceptional handling and brakes. This car is also in Brisbane.


Badge, Temp. Gauge and Interior of 1924 Sunbeam

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