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Period Sunbeam Advertising

"An All British Triumph" (1927 - 1000hp)


"Satisfaction" (early 1920s ?)


"Sunbeam Efficiency" (early 1920s ?)


"New Year Resolution 1995" (1954 - Sunbeam Mk III)

"New 2 1/4 litre Sunbeam Mk III" (1955)

"The car that has everything" (1956 - Rapier)

"Now! More power, more zip" (1957 - Rapier)


"You get a touch of genius in everything made by Rootes" (1960 - Rapier)

"You get a touch of genius in everything made by Rootes" (1960 - Rootes model range)

"For people with a zest for living" (1964 - Rapier)


"Rapier Thrust" (1964 - Rapier)

"Making the pace in the fast lane" (1965 - Alpine)


"This is the life" (1965 - Alpine)


"New Sunbeam Rapier and Alpine" (1965)


"Lombank finance is a friend indeed" (Rapier - 1965)

"Rootes successes in 1965 Monte Carlo Rally" (Tiger/Imp)


"Sunbeam unleash the Tiger" (1965)

"A great new addition to the Sunbeam sports range" (Tiger - 1965)

"Another rally victory for Rootes" (Tiger - 1965)

"Power Reliability Economy Price" (Rootes Marine Alpine - 1965)

"This is the life!"(Alpine - 1966)


"68mph in second ..... 20 in top!" (Tiger - 1966)


"The grown-up's answer to Scalextric" (Imp Sport - c1966)


"The trend is Alpine!" (1967)

"What's the new deal to families bored by family cars?" (Rapier - 1968)

"The most compact." (Stiletto - 1968)


"Three Imps. A little on the fast side." (1969)

"Put a Chrysler Sunbeam in your life. - Right from the start." (1978)


"ti is it" (1600ti - 1979)

"Talbot Sunbeam Lotus wins the Mille Pistes Rally - third major win this year." (1980)

"Sunbeam Wins Arctic Rally" (Talbot Sunbeam - 1980)

"Talbot does it again." (Talbot Sunbeam Lotus - 1981)

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