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2003 Show and Shine.

Queens Park IPSWICH. 20/7/03.

Story and pictures by Neil Cummins.

   The last time I drove the Alpine down to Brisbane for a club outing I declared that would be the last trip until I changed the engine, which I had hoped would be done before this July event. Unfortunately this did not eventuate and as I really wanted to make up the numbers I gave it an oil change and doped the engine up with that Goo that is supposed to stop it blowing smoke. Setting off with great optimism I was soon to realise that the life of every mosquito between Maryborough and Ipswich was going to be in danger. I caught up with the Prassers on the Saturday afternoon and was honoured with being taken for a drive by Bruce in Russell and Jennys' 67 Alpine series V GT, which they brought out from England. A pleasant evening was had but on Sunday morning my smoke maker refused to fire but Bruce came to the rescue with jumper leads.

      Members and their families of the Queensland Sunbeam Owners Club held their Annual Show and Shine for 2003 in the beautiful Queens Park in Ipswich. A wonderful turnout of 13 Alpines, 6 Sunbeam Talbots, 1 Sunbeam Rapier and 1 Sunbeam Imp Sport were placed on show by their loving owners to be judged by the two judges and admired by interested spectators, of which there were many. Neil & Hazel Scope, Kevin & Lyle Elliot and Steve & Linda Graham also attended the outing but without Sunbeams. I believe Steve is well under way with the restoration of the Alpine as the body has now been painted. Kevin looked a bit excited at the sight of so many Sunbeam Talbots on display as his is getting closer as well.


     We were also joined by two of the Rootes Car Club members early in the day who were on their way to another event. Lawrie Bennett & his wife in their very nice 63 Humber Sceptre seen here on the left and on the right is Tony Williams 68 Humber Sceptre engine department. The restoration on this car is a credit to him.

Alpines displayed by:-

click to see picture.
John Rowe - 62 Sunbeam Alpine,Harrington Le Mans.
Michael&Trish Wolf - 59 Sunbeam Alpine Ser.1
John&Marian Harrison - 60 Sunbeam Alpine Ser.1
Neil Cummins - 60 Sunbeam Alpine Ser.1
Alan Close - 61 Sunbeam Alpine Ser.2
Ian&Dianne Williams - 62 Sunbeam Alpine Ser.2
Ron&Dennise Duffield - 64 Sunbeam Alpine Ser.5
Bruce&Dorothy Prasser - 64 Sunbeam Alpine Ser.4
Brian&Lyn Powell - 4 Sunbeam Alpine Ser.4
Ernie&Ros Voltz - 65 Sunbeam Alpine Ser.4
Kevin&Sarah Barrett - 66 Sunbeam Alpine Ser.5
Con&Lemona Krallis - 67 Sunbeam Alpine Ser.5
Russell&Jenny Fairbanks - 67 Sunbeam Alpine Ser.5

Sunbeam Talbots:-

   Bradley & Zoe Voltz showed their beautiful 46 Sunbeam Talbot 2 litre which won them three trophies - Best pre 58 Talbot, Peoples' Choice, Best overall point score. The picture on the right is just to show off all that lovely chrome which is lacking on modern cars.



   Don & Pat Christie displayed their 47 Sunbeam Talbot 10. This is the first time I have seen this vehicle and it is a real pleasure to see more Talbots at an outing. On the right three of the four Talbots that were on display can be seen.



   Martin & Jean Kubel had the first official outing for their 48 Sunbeam Talbot Mk1 which has been completely restored by themselves, except for the chrome work. Martin did all the mechanical and paint work while Jean did all the upholstery, and what a credit it is to them. The engine bay is shown on the right.


     Roland Thompson brought along his lovely 56 Sunbeam Talbot DHC, this is the first time I have seen this car, also. I think this one is very similar to the one Kevin Elliot is restoring and getting closer to completion. The clean interior lines are shown on the right.



  Notice the difference in the Sunbeam Talbot design between 1946 and 1981. The one on the right is owned by Bob & Joan Clarke and this model won the World Rally Championship. Sunbeam Talbot had a competitive history for many years.


     Ron & Dennise Duffield displayed the 65 Sunbeam Imp Sport as well as the 64 Alpine. The Imp, affectionally known as "The Little Green Frog" is a very interesting and well restored car. Looking at the engine department on the right doesn't leave much room for anything else.


   David Phillips and son,Andrew, attended in the very nice 63 Sunbeam Rapier Soft Top. They took out the trophy for Series 1 - 5 Rapier.

Members enjoying the day:-

   Wasn't it nice to see Sarah & Hazel brought along their toy cars to keep themselves entertained, while on the right, Dorothy seems concerned about something above and behind her. Daughter Jenny and Russell, Martin & Jean Kubel also keep watch while in the background are Sarah & Kevin Barrett and Trish Wolf.


   Here we have the El Presidente, Bruce, presiding to Roland,Pat,Don,Lyle(back on) Hazel,Kevin,Ros,Neil(Mk1),Zoe,Lemona,Con,the Barretts. On the right,the judges,John Hoerline & Ashley Trevors talk to Alan,Dennise,Ron,Marian,John. Our thanks to the two judges for giving up their time and doing a great job.


   Queens Park was a beautiful setting for the line up of Alpines shown here while on the right we see Bruce introducing Andrew Antoniolli from the Ipswich City Council, who so kindly agreed to present the trophies to the lucky winners.


The Trophy Presentation:-

<---Pre 1958 Talbot:-
Brad & Zoe Voltz.
<---Alpine Series 1-111:-
Alan Close and John Rowe, a tie.


<---Alpine Series IV-V:-
Con & Lemona Krallis.
<---Rapier Series I-V:-
David Phillips
Andrew accepting.
<---Sunbeam Imp Sport:-
Ron & Dennise Duffield.
<---Post 1968:-
Bob & Joan Clarke
Sunbeam Talbot Lotus.
<---Peoples Choice:-
Brad & Zoe Voltz
46 Sunbeam Talbot 2 Ltr.
<---Highest Points Score:-
Brad & Zoe Voltz
46 Sunbeam Talbot 2 Ltr.


This was a wonderful day and the highest praise must go to Bruce Prasser who covered every angle to assure that the day would run without any problem. Also to the members who came along and made this day the success it was. It was said this was probably the largest number of cars at a club outing and with more nearing completion this can only indicate our club is growing in strength.


Until next time - Keep the Shiny Side UP.

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