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2004 Show and Shine

Pine Rivers Park,STRATHPINE.18/7/04.

Story and photos byNeil Cummins.


        How time flys. It has been 12 months since I took the Alpine off the road after it smoked its way to Ipswich and back for the Show and Shine last year.As I had already built up another motor to put in, I thought it would just be an out and in quick job. Then I decided it would be a good oportunity to repaint the engine bay but then found broken bolts, cracks and it kept going further and further backwards. On the day of the club Christmas Party in December last year I bought a Hillman Hunter 660 to have a go at Historic Racing, so the Alpine got left behind in the excitement of the new venture, but that is another story.

        Audrey and I decided to go to this day out as we haven't seen anyone for so long. So pleased we did as it was a very enjoyable day except for the wind that was chilling everyones bones. The numbers were down on last year, as there was 20 cars on show but this year we only had 11.Even though the overall numbers were down,it is very pleasing to see an increase in the number of the Talbot variety, of which we had 4.

        Below is an overview of the display area.Sorry about the doubleup but you should get the idea:)


Well here it is folks,the one we have been waiting to see. The Elliots beautifully restored Sunbeam Talbot DHC.It was in pretty sad condition when Kevin and Lyle got it and has been a few years grind to get it to what we see here today,but what a stunning result.Congratulations,Kevin and Lyle.Look at that beautiful steering wheel on the right.

     Don and Pat Christie brought along their 1947 Sunbeam Talbot Ten to add another dimension to the Talbot display.Don was saying that the car is much more of a pleasure to drive since he has fitted the radial tyres. Pat was telling a very interesting story about the time they looked at a Sunbeam at Forster, and the only way they could get it was to dismantle the vehicle and remove it in pieces. As she only had the good clothes she was wearing,she changed into Dons' old shirt and shorts to do the job.

     Martin and Jean Kubels' 1948 Sunbeam Talbot MK 1 was judged Peoples Choice. The car is a credit to them as they did 99% of the work themselves. Jean did the upholstery and interior while Martin did the paintwork and mechanicals. I think they had some family members enjoying the day with them as well but I must apologise for not getting their names.

     Included in the Talbot lineup is the 1981 Sunbeam Talbot Lotus of Bob and Joan Clarke. This is an unusual car here in Australia but has Rally heritage overseas. It looks as though Bob has had some paint work done on it because the last time I saw the car it looked like it had the measles :)


     Ron and Denise Duffield carried the banner for the Imp section of the Sunbeam gathering. Affectionally known as ' The Little Green Frog ' this is a 1965 model of the Sunbeam Imp Sport and very well maintained, but has been known to stop if the owner doesn't keep fuel in it.Where is that other well known Imp owner of the Sunbeam club? Havn't seen him for ages.

     David Phillips and son, Andrew flew the flag for the Sunbeam Rapier group with his 1963 model Drophead. Very nice example of this make.There seems to be a few of these cars missing from the outings as well these days. Maybe they are in hospital like my Alpine.


     Bob and Claudette Otto had the Tiger out of the cage for the day and is seen here purring contently in the shade waiting for the chance to be let loose in the jungle.Lesser animals should be on their guard.

     Four Alpines were on show for this years event, sadly a few down on last year as well.
1964 Ser.V of Ron & Denise Duffield,driven by Denise.
1967 Ser.V of Russell & Jenny Fairbanks.
1967 Ser.V of Con & Lemona Krallis, harbouring a dark secret.
1964 Ser.IV of Brian & Lyn Powell.


From Left to Right are:-
Pat, Don, Con & Claudette.
Lemona, Kevin, Bob, Martin,Lyle & Pat.
Dorothy, Denise, Ron & Audrey.
The Kubles.

From Left to Right:-
Russell takes time out to check for any good bargains in the paper.
Then he smooges to Jenny to convince her that what he found IS a good bargain.
Here we see Bruce trying to explain to Bob why he didn't bring his Alpine.
Greg Ashe brought along a cousin of the Sunbeam family, a nice original Hillman Gazelle.
The 'White Sheet Award'.

     On the left we see Lamona flashing the Gold they won with the car for the Show and Shine as it is dragged onto the tilt truck for its trip home in disgrace. On the right it is just about into place before it gets the 'White Sheet' drawn over it. While Bruce is no longer El Presidente', he still takes on a supervisory roll here.A blown head gasket is believed to be the problem.

     This was a lovely day out with good company, nice cars and the weather was kind, even though a little cool. Audrey and I had a good run home to Maryborough and hopefully I will have the Alpine back on the road in the not to distant future.
     A big THANK YOU must go to Kevin & Lyle for organising the venue and setting up the banner and signs.

Until next time,      Neil.

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