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2004 Rootes Roundup.


Story and photos by Neil Cummins

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    Traditionally this very enjoyable day is held on the last Sunday of February. 2004 being a Leap Year confused a few people into thinking it was being held on the previous Sunday so numbers were down a bit. Fortunatly it wasn't held on that day as the weather was an absolute scorcher but was very kind to all on the 29th with a lovely gentle sea breeze and the big shady trees keeping it cool for everybody. Kevin and Lyle, Ernie and Ros and Joan Clarke are showing here how relaxing the day was even though Kevin still hasn't stopped talking. The chap in the stiped shirt who Kevin is talking to owns a very nice Hillman Gazelle which is still in original condition, but I didn't get his name.


    The white Hillman Gazelle in this photo is the one I just mentioned. It is in almost perfect condition and I think it has been a family car. The green one next to it is one of those vehicles which has been a regular driver and is in that as used condition, it belongs to a mate of mine who owns it and a couple of others, so I dragged him along to the outing and he thoroughly enjoyed himself talking to many other owners.

The blue Hillman Hunter has a GT badge on the grill but nothing else about the car had any connection to it. There were also a few conflicting name badges around the car as well, so I don't really know what it was and as I didn't get to meet the owner I was unable to ask. But, what does it matter, it was out there being used and that is great. The white car next to it is the beautifully restored Humber Sceptre which belongs to Tony Williams. The whole car is just so spic and span.

    The lineup of Alpines from our Sunbeam Club was a bit short this year owing to many and varied reasons. My reason is that my Alpine is still in hospital awaiting further surgery. This is the problem when you don't have private health cover. Con and Lemona were caught out by the Leap Year thing and had made other arrangements, Bruce Prassers Alpine refused to get out of bed, and I suppose there were many more.Here we see Bob Ottos Tiger, Brian Powells Ser.1V and the Ser.II of Alan Close.

Bob Clarke brought along the Sunbeam Talbot Lotus and it looked like it was suffering from a case of the measles.I guess it is receiving the correct treatment. David Phillips displayed the lovely Sunbeam Rapier DHC with the top down and it would have been a nice day for it. John Harris came along in the Sunbeam Rapier Hardtop and brought along a display of the alloy pieces he cast for our cars as well as urethane bushes for the suspension. These are much better than the old rubber ones.

    Here is another shot of the group enjoying the day under the shade of the trees. Bob and Claudette look like they are having lunch,Don Christie is keeping an eye on wife, Pat talking to Hazel Scope and Bruce Prasser in the background and a couple of others I can't quite recognise. Neil Scope is floating around somewhere as well.There were others there who I have missed out on getting their photo but I was suffering a dose of the 'Dogs Disease' and wasn't quite with it on the day.

This is what I was hoping to bring to the day for 'Show & Tell' but not feeling well I was unable to finish the trailer to bring it down.It is a 1971 Hunter Royal 660 which I have done for historic racing.It is seen here in the pits for the first outing at Queensland Raceway about 3 weeks ago. I did about 30 laps of the circuit that day and as it was the first time I had been on a racecircuit in 30 years it was a very exciting day. The car went and handled very well but the driver needs a good tune up.

There were many other interesting cars on display, Hillman Imps, Sunbeam Imps, Humbers, Singers, and not forgetting the Early Ford Restorers Club who also participate in the days events. I had an interesting trip home to maryborough as the Commodore had developed a leak in the radiator on the Saturday. With a few stops here and there to top up with water I made it home OK. Once again, another enjoyable day with good company and looking forward to next year, I hope a few more attend.

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