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by Neil Cummins.

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      This run was organised so the members made their own way to the Warbird Museum at the Caboolture Airfield. My own Alpine was in need of some tender loving care which had not been done for several reasons, so I made my journey in the Common-Door.(Oh what shame) I was first to arrive, closely followed by Ernie & Ros in their Ser.V Alpine.

Joe & Wendy Cagnacci arrived in the Ser.1 Alpine, but Wendy was having a spot of bother,seen here on the left, getting out of the car. After some struggling she was freed without the assistance of Emergency Services and is seen looking more relaxed on the right.



Neil & Hazel Scope arrived in the 'German Staff Car' and Hazel is doing a bit of a 'Fairy Dance' over the mud, OR, she has just stepped in something.   On the right we have Bruce & Dorothy Prasser with their daughter Jenny and son-in-law, Russell, who have returned to Australia recently after living in England for some time.

On the left is the lovely 1961 Rapier belonging to Mike Barnett. Mike has been absent from our runs for some time looking for Tigers in Africa.(No, not the Sunbeam type, the furry, cranky ones, I think.) On the right is the '63 Soft Top Rapier of David Phillips. David brought along his son,Andrew, as navigator on this run.


David Phillips with son Andrew talking to Martin & Jean Kubel prior to going into the museum.
The group, L to R - John,Kevin,Andrew,Marian,Lyle,David,Bruce,Barry, Ernie,Ros,Joe&Pat,what are they up to?, Don, Russell, Wendy, Jenny, Dorothy, In front-Hazel & Jean.

We moved on into the museum and were given an outline of the running of the establishment which is done completly by volunteers. Mostly ex-service personell who wish to preserve the history for future generations.

On the left is a mural depicting a WW1 Dogfight using a real wooden propellor for greater realism. 

On the right, Pat is about to take to the sky in the Russian built Mig Fighter. This aircraft saw service in the Polish Airforce.


Here is Andrew dreaming of zooming through the clouds chasing off all the the bandits from our shores. He might need a booster seat to help him see them.         On the right is the Rolls Royce Avon engine that powered the CAC 27 Sabre aircraft which was used in the Royal Australian Airforce.I worked on these during the 60s when I was in 76 Squadron.


These are some of the aircraft engines on display, a mixture of piston and jet engines, begged, borrowed or loaned from many sources. Kevin ponders something.       When we came outside we found John Harrison doing the Soft-top Shuffle (shuffle:- to shove one way and the other; to throw into disorder)on his Ser.1 Alpine.


When we left the museum we followed the D'Aguilar Highway to D'Aguilar and then turned off to Mt. Mee and on to the picnic area in the Mt. Mee State Forest. Here, the tables and chairs were set up and all kinds of gourmet delights were consumed by those clever enough to bring them. One, who shall remain nameless, wasn't that smart because he didn't have his wife to look after him.

Speaking of gourmet delights, have a look at The El Presidente with his glass of Vino, having just savaged his vittles.

While on the right, Russell and Jenny look to be enjoying the sunshine, not a lot where they came from, while having their lunch. They were hoping to have their Alpine on this run but were unable. Hopefully, next one.


Pat and Don Christie enjoying the picnic lunch while talking to Jean Kubel & Barry Ross.
On the right are Barry & Lucy Ross who have a couple of 40s model Talbots, but for this run were in their modern car.

Mike Barnett with his good friend,'Ronnie',enjoying the picnic lunch on such a lovely day.Good to see Mike on the outing, as work takes him away to distant shores at times.
      On the right are Martin & Jean Kubel who have a Talbot 90 Mk1.Hope to see it on a run one day.

Ernie & Ros, having finished their lunch are enjoying a drink, but what is that Ros is holding? If you check closely you will see it is a bottle of WATER!! Is she able to behave herself because Lemona is still away, Swanning around Europe, and not being a Bad Influence on Ros.


Good to see Joe & wendy on the run driving their '59 Ser.1 Alpine. I like the chrome carry rack on the boot lid, looks very good.
On the right are the two Ser.1 Alpines of John Harrison and Joe Cagnacci.

We could call this shot, Sunbeams through the trees.

Once again this was a very enjoyable run with a good turn out of members. We must thank Neil Scope, our events co-ordinator, for researching these nice places to go to. The Nationals are on in Griffith from 6th. to 9th. of June, I hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe trip. A report for the website would be appreciated from our members attending.

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