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This event looked certain to be washed out for 2003, so much so, it was moved from the park where it is usually held to some hard standing a short distance up the road. However we were to have a beautiful clear day with a lovely cooling sea breeze.
The Rootes Car Club organising committee do a wonderful job of organising this event each year with games and point scoring for trophies at the end of the day.
The participating clubs were - The Rootes Car Club, The Singer Club, The Humber Club, The Early Ford Club and our own Sunbeam Owners Club.
We were the trophy holders from last year but were soundly beaten by The Singer Club this year.
Twenty one competitors from The Sunbeam Owners Club took part in the games and we were represented with Nine Alpines, One Sunbeam Imp Sport, One Lotus Talbot, One Humber Vogue and Three Modern cars.
Below are some images from the event. Click on the picture for a larger image.

Some of the lineup early in the day, although many more arrived later.


Bob Jensen arrives in his             John Harrison looks happy             Ian Williams & Con
'59 Alpine Series 1.                       with his '60 Alpine Series 1.             Krallis compare notes.

Tony Williams talking to Bob Clarke behind the '60 Alpine Series 1 of Neil Cummins, Bobs '81 Lotus Talbot, The El Presidentes' "Other Love" the Humber Vogue & Con and Lemonas' '67 Series V GT Alpine.

Ray Abbernathy arrived late in his '63 Series 111 Alpine GT to enjoy the pleasant company, but missed out on competing in the games.

Paul McMahon has just arrived in his '64 Series V GT Alpine and looks as though he is having a bit of a problem with the inside door handle. Paul, if you don't have it working on the left door, the girls can't get out.

The '66 Sunbeam Imp Sport ( Little Green Frog ) of Ron and Denise Duffield must have been let out again for this run after playing up on the way home from the last one, by running out of "Motion Lotion" without notifying Ron.

A very nice '46 Sunbeam Talbot owned by Trevor Laurenson, standing in the background talking to John harrison.

Slightly different to the '46 Sunbeam Talbot above, is the '81 Lotus Sunbeam Talbot of Bob Clarke.

Enlarge this picture and look who is lurking behind the Alpine on the right. None-other than The El Presidente' himself-himself, trying to look like he has an Alpine instead of "That Other Love" he brought along. The camera Does Not lie.

This has to be one of the tidiest engine bays you would see in any car, letalone an English car. It is the Humber Sceptre belonging to Tony Williams. The whole car is in this condition, better than new.

Claudette Otto made a Grand Entrance on a Harley Davidson to the cheers of the crowd. Bob had better get the Tiger back on the road soon or he might loose her to the Two Wheel Brigade. Doesn't she look the part, plays havock with the hair-do though.

The El Presidente', Bruce, presiding over the lunchtime banter. From left to right are:- Ian MacDonald, John Harrison, Bob Jensen, Marian Harrison, Bruce Prasser Brian Powell, Paul McMahon and Con Krallis (back on).

This could be a Flashback to the '60s. How often do you get four Sunbeam Alpines in your driveway these days. Front:- L>R '60 Series 1 and '67 Series V GT. Back:- L>R '63 Series 111 GT and '64 Series 1V GT.

This group seemed to have gotten lost after the days' proceedings and staggered into Con and Lemonas' back yard looking for sustinance of one kind or another. From left to right are:- Ros, Bob, Ray, Ernie, Con, Brian, Boy? Lemona, Claudette (Bikie Chick), and Ian.

So the February run was a big success, everyone looked pleased with the day.

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