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2003 Christmas Party


On Sunday, seventh of December, the members of the Queensland Sunbeam Owners Club
celerbrated their Christmas Party at the Crushers Rugby League Club in the Brisbane suburb of The Grange. In very pleasant surroundings and with beautiful food to be eaten, everyone settled in for an enjoyable few hours.I was given a very big surprise when Bruce and Dorothy Prasser gave me a 1:43 scale model of a Series 11 Alpine and almost the same colour as mine. I believe they bought it on Norfolk Island.

At this point there were a few presents being exchanged, which makes us realise that the year had almost gone again and Christmas was upon us once more.Here we have our new El Presidente, Bob and Lady Claudette about to start the presentation of trophies after the lunch was finished. Bob was voted in at the AGM as Bruce decided not to stand for re-election having done three years in the position. Bob was off to a good start doing a fine job of the presentation.
Bruce is looking very relaxed now that he is on the 'Back Bench' while Dorothy looks a bit fuzzy as she moved just as I took the photo.Notice Bruce has a good grip on that trophy he won, I think it is the 'Pist-N-Broke' trophy.
I would just like to thank Bruce for the great job he did for the club in his three years as President. Not always easy to please everyone with the activities they would like to have, but we all seemed to be smiling at the end of the day.
Here is Yours Truely, receiving his trophy from Bob, and being very pleasantly surprised as well. I missed getting to the runs for the second half of the year as the poor old Alpine had an internal haemorrhage and is in hospital having major surgery to its internals as well as having a major face-lift to the outward appearance. But not being a paid up Private Patient, gets put to the back of the waiting list ocassionally.
Neil and Hazel Scope (Foundation members of the club) look very pleased to receive the 'A' for Effort Trophy for all the wonderful work they put in for the club each year, organising outings and generally helping to keep things rolling alongsmoothly.Bob Clarke and Kevin Elliot lend support to the occasion.
Steve & Linda Graham have taken a break from the Alpine restoration problems and are seen here enjoying the seasons festivities. Steve has fitted the Celica 5 speed box to the Alpine using a slightly different approach from others, I believe he has overcome the slight problem he ran into.
Ian & Jenny McDonald brought along their son, whose name Iam unable to remember,(sorry). Ian is the Club Photographer and supplies his shots to Kevin & Lyle for the club magazine.
Wendy & Joe Cagnacci were enjoying the good food and company which was plentiful on the day.
Far left is David Phillips daughter ? and son Andrew - what about the front teeth - hope Santa brought him his two front teeth. On the left is David with Bob & Joan Clarke, all look to be having a good time. What about those Christmas decorations in the background, don't they look lovely. Never mind, it will be here again soon.
Lemona & Con are seen here in their best party mood enjoying the festivities. Reports have it that they had a very good time on their holiday to Greece and other parts of Europe recently.
Ernie & Ros, who are still 'Keepers of the books' were having a good time and were accompanied by their son Bradley,his wife Zoe and their family. I didn't get their photo as the battery in the camera died after the next shot, which is of Kevin & Lyle Elliot.

Very sorry I didn't get everyones photo because of the battery failure but it was once again a very pleasant Christmas get-together for our club. I hope you all had a very Happy Christmas for 2003 and that 2004 will be safe and enjoyable for you all.

Keep all those Sunbeams fit and well so that they can all be brought out on the runs this year, says he, who still has his spread all over the floor of the shed.

Until we meet again, keep it shiny side up. Neil.

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